Club leaders survey

As Facilitator of the Network, I have written a few Club Scene articles for The Cricketer magazine over the past year.  I have now been asked to write an article about you.

Well, it’s actually about the typical club leader.  You may be typical.  You may not.  Let’s see. 

In short, I am looking to delve into the common characteristics of club leaders.  What qualifies them?  What perspectives they have.  What are their ambitions?  What do they consider success to look like?  And what would help them better deliver that?  

I am also keen to understand how much time you commit – in winter as well as summer – and doing what?  And why?

It’s an opportunity to dispel a few of the fallacies – not least that club leaders go away in September return in April – and spell out the contribution you make.

I would be really grateful if you could spare just a few minutes completing this survey – the first few have been submitted in well under 10 minutes – and the information required will be in your head. 

All the results will be aggregated and anonymised unless you give me explicit permission to include you in the article.  Yes, I am looking for a few interview candidates, too, over the next couple of weeks.

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