Latest update (updated)

The Network’s discussions on club-related issues – anything and everything around running a cricket club – take place in a closed LinkedIn group accessible by members only.   So, if you are involved in running a club, please join by following the simple instructions here. The slides and speaking notes from the recent COVID-19 Support Webinars have been publishedContinue reading “Latest update (updated)”

Network COVID-19 Webinars

*********UPDATE********** Registration will close at 15:00 on Thursday In view of the many issues confronting clubs in the current situation we have arranged a webinar so that members can share their challenges, news, questions and learning for the benefit of all.  You can join online and/or phone using simple to access conference call technology.  WeContinue reading “Network COVID-19 Webinars”

COVID-19 Preparedness Survey

This short survey is based on information gathered to date for all clubs to self-assess the state of their preparations for dealing with the COVID-19 emergency. The results will inform our rolling webinar series supporting clubs at this time. All the information collected will be treated as confidential and only used in aggregate and anonymisedContinue reading “COVID-19 Preparedness Survey”

ECB unveils £61m interim support package for professional and recreational cricket

The England and Wales Cricket Board today announced a £61 million package to help cricket withstand the financial impact of COVID-19. An extra budget of just over £20m will become available to the recreational game through a cricket club support loan scheme, grants through the “Return to Cricket” scheme and a 12-month holiday on loanContinue reading “ECB unveils £61m interim support package for professional and recreational cricket”

Sport England £195m COVID-19 funding package

Sport England is making up to £195 million of funding available to help the sport and physical activity sector through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  The package includes a £20 million Community Emergency Fund, which is now open for clubs and community organisations to bid into.  Grants between £300 and £10,000 are available.

Club clothing survey: results

These are the results of the club clothing survey that took place over January. A small sample size – 75 clubs – compared with our usual surveys but interesting nonetheless. And, we hope, insightful for clubs grappling with these issues this time of the year. Discussion of the results is taking place in the NetworkContinue reading “Club clothing survey: results”