Latest update

New discussions this week: Club Apps; any recommendations? See here Anyone for tennis?  Anything to be learned from the professionalisation of club activities?  See here ECB seek new chairman.  Any thoughts?  See here Other current discussions: Administration software; what would clubs want from a cricket or sports club specific product that isn’t currently available.  OrContinue reading “Latest update”

SHMS implementation: Network ‘Flash’ Forum

Is your club coasting to SHMS compliance or already compliant? The July 31 deadline is fast approaching and we hear the picture is mixed; both in terms of club progress and the support from County Boards. The central SHMS helpdesk is often very busy as a result. To help, we have organised this one-off onlineContinue reading “SHMS implementation: Network ‘Flash’ Forum”

Back to the future; building a sustainable club

Presumably you have heard the Build Back Better mantra? What does it mean? Are you expecting the world to change as a result of events since March 2020? Or do you think things will look pretty similar to 2019 once we get coronavirus under control or at least learn to live with it? Some thingsContinue reading “Back to the future; building a sustainable club”

Developing the agenda – beyond Clubmark; what now for club development?

This is the first in a series of online Network forums focused on key club development issues, identified by Network members, on February 25 starting at 6.30pm. This event explores the future of Clubmark following recent developments and will update participants on what is happening and why. It will also share understanding of the purposeContinue reading “Developing the agenda – beyond Clubmark; what now for club development?”

Leadership or management? And what role can your coaches play?

Do you have: A clear vision for the Club A defined and agreed strategy A live action/development plan Allocated responsibilities for delivering the plan to those with the right competence/skill sets Can anyone genuinely respond 1,2 3 and 4 and claim that commitment to the vision is largely unquestioned, all who need to buy inContinue reading “Leadership or management? And what role can your coaches play?”

Funding and funders

We posted a link to the Charity Excellence database of community/charity funding organisations in the notes from the May 7 Network webinar. Still the most comprehensive we have seen and now up to 903 different funding sources. Most will not be relevant but the database can be sorted by location, focus and scale of funding required/available.Continue reading “Funding and funders”

Playing in 2020 – poll results

The poll has closed with nearly 750 club responses – around 40% of all Clubmark clubs – in little over a week. 58% of you want to get the game on and, if league cricket is now unlikely, you’re looking for guidance on what’s possible to deliver meaningful cricket at some point this summer. TheContinue reading “Playing in 2020 – poll results”

How and when are we getting the game on?

These are the questions uppermost on people’s minds and the focus of the next Network webinars on Thursday 11 June at 4.00pm and 8.00pm. The webinars will cover some key issues: The Playing in 2020 poll results and why people voted the way they did Where are we with getting back on the field, whatContinue reading “How and when are we getting the game on?”

Playing in 2020

With league cricket looking increasingly unlikely, leagues and clubs are already exploring other options. That, of course, is dependent on the development of appropriate playing conditions to comply with government guidelines. To gauge a club view, we have put together a one question poll with three options and asking you to identify which option bestContinue reading “Playing in 2020”