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The Breakfast Club will drill down into some of the key challenges facing clubs.  It will develop thinking, share experience, source information, tap into external expertise and, where necessary, commission research. 

The focus will be determined by results from the (new) members survey you completed to access the Members Portal.   The first theme is an obvious one with over 80 % or respondents saying that finance, funding and new income streams is critical for their club.  Other themes are under development and will be determined by further survey responses.

By working with Network colleagues as collaborators not competitors.  By sharing what’s possible, what’s been considered, what’s been tried, what’s failed but, above all, what’s worked, we want to support your efforts and maximise success for your club.

And we will draw in expert support from outside the game so you can learn from the experiences of countless organisations in and out of cricket, too.  But the sessions are round-table discussions not webinars or lectures and will rely on participant contributions. 

The Breakfast Club label refers to the concept – the popular small business networking events – and not timing.  We will hold meetings when participants tell is they prefer to attend. So far, early mornings and late afternoons have been at least as popular as evenings.

Take a few minutes to watch this video introduction to the Breakfast Club.

Join the club

The Breakfast Club launched in November 2022 with the finance theme where we are focusing on:

  1. funding big facilities projects
  2. funding smaller equipment needs
  3. fundraising & developing new income streams
  4. building a club sponsorship programme

After 12 months we have learned much which is now captured in these upcoming events.

Designed specifically as a refresher and consolidation for existing members over the summer it’s a great starting point if you’re new to Breakfast Club.

In one hour we will table the current club funding picture:

  1. What’s available (or not) from the obvious funding sources?
  2. What are my chances of accessing it?
  3. Where can I find information on other funding sources?
  4. Who can help?
  5. What do I need to consider in order to improve our chances of success?
  6. What are the alternative approaches?

To register your interest, please complete this short survey here

Current rountable discussions

Member of the Breakfast Club can access details of all upcoming events here:

Find out more

This section of the Breakfast Club microsite is under development and will be completed very shortly. Breakfast Club participants will be sent access details when it’s ready.

Funding sources

Search potential funding sources, tailored to your club’s needs and circumstances, through our partnerships with Heaward Solutions and the CEF Funding database

Financing projects

What do I need to think about? What are the prerequisites for success? How to apply. What next? Sources of information, case studies, shared learning and experiences emerging from our discussions

New income streams

Examples of new funding stream ideas either in development or underway and featured in our discussions or other Network activities. Includes building a sponsorship programme

If you have any questions or want to learn more then fix up a one-to-one call with me here

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