Finance, funding and surviving the energy crisis

People are bewildered.  And recent government announcements have yet to clarify things.

Some clubs are on fixed long term contracts and so insulated for now. Others are facing big hikes as theirs runs off. Or they’re on flexible tariffs already and have been seeing their prices rise daily.

There’s currently no protection for non-domestic users and it looks as though government support, when it comes, may be short term.

It’s unlikely that any energy supplier wants new customers so there’s no chance of any deals.  The leisure sector is particularly unwelcome and even if you can find another energy provider that will take the credit risk, they may want big up-front deposits.

So what’s the advice? Well ECB have republished 10 year old guidance on energy saving. But it’s not rocket science. Draft excluders!?

You probably know where your big usage is. The bar (especially cellar cooling), hot water for showers, floodlights if you have them, lighting fridges, ovens.

You can pay someone to tell you this – there will be loads of freelance energy consultants locally thanks to the property survey requirements in recent years – but you can probably watch the dial go round yourself.

There are savings to be made. But you may need to consider curtailing activities, especially in the winter. The economics are now in a different place.

Maybe the government will come to the rescue but for how long?  Or things will return to normal eventually?  But what will new normal look like?

Investment in renewables now has more of a business case – heat pumps more than PV or solar unless the Grid will buy your surplus – but it’s a longer term fix and expensive up front. Assuming you can find a commercial supplier who hasn’t more business than they can cope with.

The ECB’s County Grants scheme £10k lots, specifically targeting environmental schemes, have probably all been allocated for this year.

So we have organised this event to look at these challenges in the wider context of current funding and finance environment for clubs. With a roster of external guests we hope to provide some clarity and helpful advice and support on:

  • Current sources of funding – small and large – for your club development priorities
  • Improving your chances of application success
  • Where is the current energy market at and what are the options for clubs as small businesses
  • Practical guidance on energy saving including identifying the big ticket items
  • Are renewables a short as well as long-term fix?

Maybe by 29th September the cavalry will have come over the hill.  But we’ll take that into account too.

Places are strictly limited to 100 as we have now moved to Zoom and you can book here

We will cap as soon as we get to 100 and confirm your place along with joining details.

  Priority will be given to Network members. 

The event will be recorded and made available on the Members’ Portal afterwards. 

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