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They say it’s the hope that kills you. So, so much for Melbourne.  But it can only get better, right?  So here’s to a happy New Year!

Only one topic, today, as it’s an urgent one. 

Over recent years, the question of which, if any, club admin software has been a recurring theme in our discussions.  So, by now, most of us should have been using one or more proprietary products and for long enough to have formed a view as to their efficacy? 

Seemingly, but under sufferance in many cases, judging by the responses received to our Review survey, so far.  None exactly fits the bill which is surprising given the amount of time and energy, not to mention money, thrown into development of new products.

But we do not, yet, have a fully representative picture. 

So, over the next few days, can you please spend the average 3-4 minutes it is taking others to complete a review for the product (or products) your club is using here

The survey will be kept open indefinitely, with periodic promotion, to enable uptodate rolling ratings to be published.  And the comments on pros & cons are equally, if not more, valuable. 

But we need critical mass to start with, so please contribute if you can.

All other current discussions can be found on the LinkedIn page here*

*To access the LinkedIn links, you need to be a member and logged into LinkedIn.

Anyone involved in running a recreational cricket club (maybe Clubmarked but not exclusively so) can join, contribute to and benefit from discussions with club peers, on everything and anything related to club leadership, management and development.

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