Developing the agenda – beyond Clubmark; what now for club development?

This is the first in a series of online Network forums focused on key club development issues, identified by Network members, on February 25 starting at 6.30pm.

This event explores the future of Clubmark following recent developments and will update participants on what is happening and why. It will also share understanding of the purpose and practical implementation of the Safe Hands Management System.

Beyond Clubmark, we will focus on some critical club development challenges that repeatedly emerge from the Network’s online discussions: applying leadership skills, identifying strategic priorities, delivering plans, getting and keeping others involved.

However, this is not about warming-up well rehearsed problems but seeking solutions and different practical approaches. Some will be presented to the session, others will be teased out of the discussions.

We are delighted, therefore, to have some great speakers and contributors.

Be warned, though, there’s heavy emphasis on attendee participation with posted discussions on the main issues both before and after the event, allowing us to weave your comments and questions into the agenda.

As well as our members’ LinkedIn group page we have set up a Network event page with more information here.  This allows members to invite club colleagues and other club leaders who are not members of the Network.

You can register for the event, now, here

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