Perhaps the most definitive survey yet on recreational playing numbers

You will no doubt have seen regular media stories of the ‘slow death of recreational cricket’ variety in recent years. These are often based on spurious data on the number of playing recreational cricketers or disappearance of local town and village cricket clubs.

Ahead of a forthcoming article in The Cricketer on the health of recreational cricket and the potential impact of this summer’s England success, the Cricket Club Development Network is undertaking perhaps the most definitive survey yet on recreational playing numbers and factors influencing those numbers.

Please take the few minutes required to complete the survey on behalf of your club HERE. It needs no special knowledge beyond a reasonable awareness of the playing profile of your club and how this has developed in recent years. If you are no longer or involved or there is someone in you club better placed to respond, then please feel free to forward this message.

The data and information collected will be only be used in aggregate by The Cricketer and the Cricket Club Development Network totally anonymously in any subsequent article unless you are contacted directly by The Cricketer for your explicit consent.

Please complete the survey as soon as possible and by October 13 latest.

Thank you in advance for your time.

John Swannick
Cricket Club Development Network

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