The Network is a group of over 1,100 club officer peers sharing knowledge and information through a secure closed LinkedIn group.  It is independent and informal; there is no structure although we have an advisory group drawn from members involved in running clubs of all shapes and sizes across the country.  And it’s completely FREE.

This website is our shop window. We post our regular Latest updates on current activities and discussions as well as occasional articles on topical issues. It also houses our Members’ Portal of member-only offers, event details, reviews, tools, shared club development resources, research and much, much more.

Our active discussions take place on a member-only closed LinkedIn group where participants can feel free to be open with their peers.  You can see a list of all past discussions – everything and anything involved in running a club – under the Library tab.

There’s no pressure to engage all the time.  Members dip in and out of discussions with varying degrees of regularity.  Some just choose to surf the discussions to glean information and latest news.  But we do have an unusually high engagement rate for a virtual community of this kind; because active involvement reaps the most reward – and avoiding time spent reinventing the wheel – for you and your club.

How to join:

  1. Complete the new members’ survey It only takes a few minutes
  2. Join the Network group on LinkedIn here. If you’re not on LinkedIn, it takes two minutes to register
  3. Once steps 1&2 are complete, register for access to the Members’ Portal here

We look forward to welcoming you.

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