Members’ Portal live

The website Members’ Portal was launched in March and now nearly 300 members have already registered.

What you’ll find:


  • Repository: of club development documents, articles and links;
  • the most frequently downloaded tools in one place; 
  • and club exemplars of club development plans, constitutions, codes of conduct, risk assessments and more

Discussions:  all current and past sorted by theme and in chronological order with links to the LinkedIn discussion

Surveys:  all results of past surveys on topical aspects of club leadership and development

Reviews: user ratings and comments on the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of all the most commonly used club administration software and apps

Upcoming events:  details including the current “breakfast club” dates

Past webinars:  all recordings and background notes and documents

‘Club’ Excellence Framework ‘microsite’; background information and an invite to join the pilot

All you need to do:

  1. Take a few minutes to complete the members’ survey and tell us a bit more about you, your club, and your club development priorities to help us plan next steps and how we can better support your endeavours. Please ensure you choose the correct survey by clicking on the appropriate button

2. You need to be a Member which means registered to the Network’s LinkedIn group that remains core to our activities.

3. Then simply register for access to the Portal here at the same time as completing the survey

You will get acknowledgement but your registration still needs to be approved.  It says within 24-48 hours but, so long as you have already completed the appropriate survey (and no-one gets access without), it may well be quicker than that. 

Then you are free to just browse away and discover the treasure-trove of resources to aid your club development journey.  Go from the regularly updated Members’ Portal landing page each time or use the website’s drop down menu and go direct to your required pages.  And don’t forget the latest news on the Home page.

As a ‘thank you’ for registering, you will see we have a 12-month subscription deal with our media partner, The Cricketer, which means copies for less than £3 a month delivered to your door.  The deal can be shared with your clubmates, too!

The Portal will be a live continuously updated resource.  So if you are able to share your club exemplars or recommend other documents and links to online sources of information, feel free to send or signpost them.

And, just to reiterate, members’ access to the Portal is FREE (forever)! 

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