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It’s been a busy week in the LinkedIn group. 

Are there any tools for square planning – the challenge of creating more strips in finite space – that go beyond top of head or ‘back of fag packet’?  And developing the recent discussion on hybrid pitch technology and costs, has anyone views on the extent to which they will increase square capacity.  See the post here.

In similar vein, is anyone contemplating or are you already calculating your club’s carbon emissions?   What tools did you use and does anyone have an excel-based carbon calculator?

There are bound to be quite a few clubs who are ‘off the grid’ for energy.  What costs have you been quoted to connect?   What alternatives have you investigated or are you using?  See the post here

Did you see the Telegraph article about the smart balls that could bring DRS to club cricket?  Just when you thought the pressure to live stream games was enough.  See here

And there’s a timely reminder there are over 80 reviews – including star ratings for ease of use, time saving and value for money as well as an overall Net Promoter Score and Pros and Cons comments – for the most common club administration software products on the Members’ Portal here.  Please submit new reviews, and reviews for new products not featured, through the page too. 

Other current discussions on the LinkedIn group page*:

  • Do we need to recognise kids want white ball and revise programmes accordingly?
  • The new growth format; walking cricket in your county
  • Negotiating the potential leasing of a site for a new mobile phone mast
  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems including membership discount cards and stock management
  • Did you complete the the ECB rapid survey on financial crisis impacts on clubs? 
  • Who’s paying who in the club transfer market?
  • Do leagues and clubs need to adopt extreme heat guidance? 
  • Can you believe the conditions imposed by Leeds City Council on school hall hire

LinkedIn group posts on the Club Leaders survey:

  • The Cricketer November edition article
  • Why do you do what you do and how can we encourage others to contribute more?
  • Club leaders survey participants oversee critical success indicator outperformance
  • Forewarning of volunteer ticking time bomb in club cricket?
  • Where do club leaders spend their time and is this reflective of you?
  • Characteristics of a good club leader in a wordcloud here 

Let’s have your comments.  And please do kick off a post yourself if there’s a burning issue that isn’t covered.

A full list of past discussions catalogued with links under 15 themes can be found on the Members’ Portal.  The Members’ Portal also houses sources of information and signposted resources from six years’ discussions alongside Network and club exemplar documents, past webinar recordings and survey results.  Why wouldn’t you join nearly 300 members with FREE access here?

*To access the LinkedIn links, you need to be a member and logged-on to LinkedIn

Anyone involved in running a recreational cricket club (maybe Clubmarked but not exclusively so) can join, contribute to and benefit from discussions with club peers, on everything and anything related to club leadership, management and development.

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