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What does the government energy price capping mean for your club?  What’s happening to prices now?  Is forward fixing still an option?   What happens when you come off your current fixed deal? 

Our upcoming FREE online Network event Finance, funding and surviving the energy crisis will start at 7.30pm on September 29.

These are just some of the questions we will explore in the wider context of current funding and finance environment for clubs.

With a roster of external guests we hope to provide some clarity and helpful advice and support on:

  • current sources of funding – small and large – for your club development priorities;
  • improving your chances of application success;
  • where the current energy market is at and what are the options for clubs as small businesses;
  • practical guidance on energy saving including identifying your big ticket items;
  • are renewables a short as well as long-term fix?

Places are strictly limited to 100 as we have now moved to Zoom and you can book here

The event WILL be recorded and made available on the Members’ Portal afterwards. 

Other current discussions on the LinkedIn group page*:

  • Success indicators; why is everyone winning?
  • Open video trials; are they a good idea?
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  • New ECB Chaiman; a change of direction?
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Let’s have your comments.  And don’t forget to post yourself if there’s a burning issue that isn’t covered.

The full list of past discussions is available on our website but is also sorted by theme and listed in chronological order on the Members’ Portal.

To access the Portal if you haven’t already is a simple TWO STEP process:   

1. complete the survey which takes on average 7-8 minutes, then;

2. register on the Portal which takes 30 seconds 

PLEASE NOTE  You will not be accepted in Step 2 if you have not completed Step 1.  Them’s the rules.   But don’t wait to register on Step 2 after submitting the survey in Step 1. Try doing at the same time! 

*To access the LinkedIn links, you need to be a member and logged-on to LinkedIn

Anyone involved in running a recreational cricket club (maybe Clubmarked but not exclusively so) can join, contribute to and benefit from discussions with club peers, on everything and anything related to club leadership, management and development.

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