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Three new discussions posted this week by members who would appreciate shared thoughts, knowledge and experience:

  • Do you have a long-term lease on your ground?  What notice provision do you have with the landlord? Does 12 months sound too short?
  • Do you have a depreciation policy?
  • Birmingham Unicorns and Graces Cricket Club are holding a conference in conjunction with Warwickshire and Middlesex county clubs on September 1 to explore inclusion and diversity.  Others from clubs and leagues are invited to attend but you will need to book quickly.

Other current discussions on the LinkedIn group page*:

Let’s have your comments.  And don’t forget to post yourself if there’s a burning issue that isn’t covered.

The full list of past discussions is available on our website but is also sorted by theme and listed in chronological order on the Members’ Portal.

To access the Portal if you haven’t already is a simple TWO STEP process:   

1. complete the survey which takes on average 7-8 minutes, then;

2. register on the Portal which takes 30 seconds 

PLEASE NOTE  You will not be accepted in Step 2 if you have not completed Step 1.  Them’s the rules.   But don’t wait to register on Step 2 after submitting the survey in Step 1. Try doing at the same time! 

*To access the LinkedIn links, you need to be a member and logged into LinkedIn.

Anyone involved in running a recreational cricket club (maybe Clubmarked but not exclusively so) can join, contribute to and benefit from discussions with club peers, on everything and anything related to club leadership, management and development.

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