Latest update

What is your club’s Risk Score in the Safe Hands Management System risk assessment?  A quick ANONYMISED poll following up the current SHMS progress discussion.

It may help to benchmark where you are and put some context on your score.  We started at 50 but have no idea of the range of scores or, if there is a fail threshold, where that is.  Perhaps we’ll find out. 

New discussions this week on the Network’s LinkedIn group page here:

  • What’s your asbestos risk?
  • Business Interruption insurance claim and Hiscox

Other current discussions

  • How are we all getting on with the Safe Hands Management System?
  • ECB jurisdiction
  • Flat Sheet Covers—-can anybody recommend a good supplier?
  • UK gas boiler ban from 2025
  • Are you applying for the Inspired to Play grant?

We ended the current series of Network Forums with a very important discussion on club sustainability – in its broadest sense – and how that will be shaped short term by Covid impacts and longer-term by other economic, social, governance and environmental factors. 

The recording of the event has been posted in the Network’s LinkedIn group page and is well worth a listen if you were unable to attend. 

Remember: given the way LinkedIn works, you will NOT see all the discussions in your LinkedIn news feed.  The only way to ensure you do is to take a few minutes from time-to-time to look at the Network’s group page.   And please contribute your thoughts and/or knowledge. 

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