How and when are we getting the game on?

These are the questions uppermost on people’s minds and the focus of the next Network webinars on Thursday 11 June at 4.00pm and 8.00pm.

The webinars will cover some key issues:

  • The Playing in 2020 poll results and why people voted the way they did
  • Where are we with getting back on the field, what are the main challenges, and what might the game look like?
  • What’s stopping us getting the game on, now, and can clubs really ‘go it alone’?
  • Is no cricket in 2020 an option?
  • How do clubs participate in the decision making and what can we contribute to the recovery

I am delighted we will be joined in the 4.00pm session by guest contributors to help frame the discussion:

  • Richard Cox is ECB’s Head of West Midlands region, former CEO of the Dutch Cricket Board, and integrally involved in cricket’s response to the crisis
  • Alastair Symondson is Head of Media at CricketWorld and has published challenging digital articles advocating an early return to the field
  • Colin Mico is a member of the Network’s advisory board as cricket development lead at Caterham CC and one of the leading club insurance experts

The 8.00pm session will reflect on what we heard and broaden the discussion.

We want to ensure the sessions are as interactive as possible and draw on the wealth of evidence and views already on show in Network discussions.

If you want to join one of the webinars, simply post a comment with the time you prefer to attend – 4.00pm or 8.00pm – on this post in the LinkedIn group. We will add the simple joining instructions there ahead of the events.

If you haven’t already spent the one minute responding to the Poll – and over 730 clubs have to date – you have until midnight tonight and you can find it here.

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