Latest update (updated)

The Network’s discussions on club-related issues – anything and everything around running a cricket club – take place in a closed LinkedIn group accessible by members only.   So, if you are involved in running a club, please join by following the simple instructions here.

The slides and speaking notes from the recent COVID-19 Support Webinars have been published online here.  They cover a whole range of issues relevant to club continuity planning.

Separate discussions have also been posted in the Network’s LinkedIn group on some of the key issues that emerged:

  • With publication of guidelines on one-to-one and household practice, what are the considerations for safe implementation?  And what are the chances of local authority inspections?
  • Ok, so it’s August then:  the prospects for play later in the summer and, if league cricket becomes unviable, will clubs go it alone in setting up local friendlies?
  • With the shift in government emphasis, how will clubs address risk management coming out of lockdown?

The COVID-19 Preparedness Survey was designed to inform the webinar series, provide clubs with practical benchmarking in dealing with the emergency and how the picture is changing over time.   The Survey has now been re-opened for those who have yet to complete it, so please spend 4-5 minutes here.   All the data collected will be treated as confidential and the results only used in aggregate and anonymised form.

Other COVID-19 specific discussions in the LinkedIn group here:

  • My Club Market:  who has had success with Sport England funding….……without using ambulance chasers?
  • How acute are the financial pressures?
  • Has anyone successfully applied for ECB funding?
  • Crowdfunding: a source of donations to replace lost subscriptions?
  • ECB support for recreational cricket; Tom Harrison’s appearance at Parliamentary Select Committee
  • Group engagement under lockdown
  • Network COVID-19 support webinars.  Feedback
  • What do we think of ECB Emergency Support package?
  • Post-lockdown club cricket; what changes will we make? 
  • Local community engagement
  • Why will insurers not pay out for COVID-19 under business continuity cover?
  • Funding available for community and charity organisations including sports clubs from over 250 sources
  • COVD-19 and club support
  • Cutting costs – utilities
  • Government support schemes: guidance for clubs
  • ECB unveils £61m interim support package for professional and recreational cricket
  • Sport England COVID-19 funding for Clubs
  • Running a remote draw
  • COVID-19 and club support: ECB seeking views
  • Furloughing employees?
  • Business Continuity management
  • What actions are clubs taking?  
  • Are clubs laying off people? 
  • Advice on ground maintenance
  • Has anyone asked Marshall Wooldridge about deferring monthly payments for Extra Cover Insurance?
  • Business interruption insurance cover for Covid-19 loss of revenue 

And to prove there is life beyond lockdown, Keith Wakeham asks for advice on batting cages and artificial mats

The full library of past discussions with links to individual posts can be found on the Network’s website here

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