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This post was just published in the Network’s LinkedIn Group. It’s reproduced here allowing non-members to access. But if you’re involved in running a cricket club, why not join and get FREE access to the knowledge and experience of over 850 members represented…….and share your own too!

We had a post on crowdfunding a few weeks ago. Here is a very helpful starting point guide from Sport England to various funding sources – other than Sport England – including crowdfunding and the Community Shares scheme I referred to in the earlier post.

That conversation was in the context of then flooding issues confronting a number of clubs. Clearly there may be more in similar need now who will be interested in this other announcement from Sport England

And, for others, ECB was mentioned in this article as one of the sports governing bodies committed to investing 30% of broadcasting revenues into grassroots sport. By my reckoning that should mean over £300 million from the Sky Sports/BBC deal for 2020-24

All of these stories featured in yesterday’s weekly bulletin from Funding4Sport which, as previously promoted, is well worth the £16.99 annual subscription

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